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Spring is happening! And I'm currently working as a writer on a documentary about Albania with Eliza Dushku-- you can watch the trailer here.

I also have teamed up on the commercials / digital content side with a company called Jaywalk.



So last fall I had the opportunity to work once again with the digital media team at Stand Up to Cancer. One of the highlights of my work as a segment producer was interviewing Tom Hanks and Tim McGraw. Below are clips-- a portion of the Tom interview even aired on Good Morning America! I also had the pleasure of producing the Hulu live broadcast preshow hosted by Alison Sweeney.


In October, we also wrapped on a second season of IN THE DRESSING ROOM with Cat Deeley. You can see the whole series on One of my favorite guests this season on the show was fashion editor Hal Rubenstein, of In Style Magazine. Check out some of his fashion advice below!

Finally, I recently completed a market research commercial for Tampax!



First we're back with IN THE DRESSING ROOM with Cat Deeley, season 2, which I'm producing/directing. This week we shot our first "behind the scenes" show of the season, backstage of the 200th episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

Also this spring, I directed a poker TV show called "Celebrity Poker Live" that aired in SoCal on KCBS in March.



Happy New Year!

Two new music videos to share -- first, LIGHT from Skybox. We printed 1600 sheets of paper (every other frame of the video) colored them in by hand (with crayons), and scanned them back and voila! Here it is -- (making of video coming soon).



Next-- another installment of Megan & Liz! This we shot in my living room. Yes, this is my living room. Our Production Designer Jacquelyn Hile built it from flats right smack in my little half-house. Also thanks to our editor, Bethe H. Gordon, choreographer Jennifer Jessum, and Producer Patrick Riley.


And finally, the TV show I'm directing is going to be airing in SoCal starting in March. Hopefully we'll be syndicating to other markets too! More details soon-- but for now, know that it involves a few celebrities from my childhood, some friendly competition, and a lot of sparkly graphics.


Today the first of several Megan & Liz music videos I directed hits youtube. VFX/Direction by me, editing by Bethe H. Gordon, additional stop motion shooting by Lauren Stambaugh.



After wrapping IN THE DRESSING ROOM WITH CAT DEELEY (scroll down if you don't know what I'm talking about...), we finished several commercials for the Bicycle Casino. We'll post these soon in the commercial section.

Then we worked on a sizzle reel / promo for Eliza Dushku's upcoming documentary on Albania. If nothing else, it's convinced me I should visit. To hear more about her story and connection with Albania, check out her article for the Huffington Post:

We also shot TONS of videos for the youtube stars and pop duo Megan & Liz. In particular, we shot four music videos-- (in the most packed production week of my life...) They should be released between December and March-- so check back for more, but here's a sneak peek from one of our shoots:

megan and liz picture


Finally, I am directing my first television show. I can't tell the details yet, but we're in post and slated for a December roll out. Stay tuned!



To view more of the IN THE DRESSING ROOM episodes click here!


Way over due updates.


First, this week, in collaboration with Yahoo! Originals and The Collective Digital Studio, we launched a new webseries I'm directing called IN THE DRESSING ROOM. It is a reality short form series on Yahoo!/OMG! that goes behind the scenes with host Cat Deeley, showing how she puts together her look for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. It's a 10 week run-- so stay tuned for more episodes soon.

You can read the Hollywood Reporter article on the series or take a peek here.

Next, I also am now represented for Music Videos/Commercials in France with U-MAN Films. Bring on the French pop videos!

Back in the Spring, we made a spec on invitation for AMEX.

We also shot several spec commercials for another brand-- but unfortunately I'm sworn to secrecy on those for now.


It's been a week of good news!

First, Laura Jansen's full length album, BELLS is going to be released next month on Decca Records (Universal)-- the "Single Girls" video I directed for Laura just hit Vevo last week, and has already gotten 600K+ views and counting! Read more about it here:

You can watch it on Vevo here (in case you love commercials!):

Or in HD here:


Laura's also been hot on the interview trail-- she talks a bit about the making of the video here.


Christopher Tin's composition "Baba Yetu," won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) -- making history by becoming the first ever song written for a video game to win a Grammy! You can watch the official music video my editor friend David Chalfin and I put together for the song using footage from the Civilization video game series here:


Next, several months ago I field produced (along with Annie Lukowski and Hector Ceballos) behind the scenes footage for the digital media team at Stand Up to Cancer, and got to interview 40+ celebs for a great cause. I've been meaning to post a link for a while. You can see the many videos we put together on the SU2C YouTube Page-- or see a little taste below:



And finally, the Skybox video is well into post. We're doing a lot of coloring and will even be staging "coloring parties" where fans and friends can help hand color some frames of the video-- with crayons! (in Kansas City, Chicago, and Los Angeles). Stay tuned for more information on that.

SKybox Light Video test frame




First, remember BABA YETU, well it got nominated for a GRAMMY AWARD! Congrats to Chris Tin, the composer-- read more about it here, and watch the music video I helped put together for him:


Next, this last month we booked some top secret work for the folks over at Amazon-- two prototype commercials to help them visualize some new marketing ideas. Unfortunately, I can't show you them (we're sworn to secrecy), but it was cool. I also did a spec spot for Sprite Latin America and a low budget spec by invitation spot for the Wall Street Journal. We will post those soon!

Music Videos!

In November, I flew to Chicago and shot a video for SKYBOX. In post right now. Here's a secret hint: the video involves lots of crayons. If you haven't heard them, then you should go listen to them because they are awesome. And Chicago-- stay photogenic. Thanks.

Skybox Shoot:



Finally, I just finished a music video for Patrick Joseph. YES, FINISHED!! Uploaded and sent it away. It should be out soon.



Way back in June, I was invited to do a web spot on spec for the Nokia Nuron. Watch it:

This August, I directed a video for Patrick Joseph, which was shot completely in stop-motion. It's now in post. Here's a sneak peek:

patrick joseph


Is it February already? Still working on the Jeremy Messersmith video. A few other projects in the works... Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek:



So much going on!

SUBMARINE SYMPHONIKA (The Submarines) which I production designed earlier this year is finally out. Hooray for the Submarines and the ever talented director, Josh Forbes. I lost a ton of sleep for this, and stayed awake for 42 hours the day of the shoot. I don't think I will ever do that again... All I can say is that our imaginations can hold like 10x more than you even see here.


BABA YETU (Christopher Tin / from the Civilization IV soundtrack) Next, my friend and composer Christopher Tin asked me to direct an official music video for his epic Baba Yetu using footage from the Civilization video game series. Chris spoke on a panel at Carnegie Hall this last month where the video premiered. The talented David Chalfin, editor, did a lot of the work on this. Here it is:


"Borderless" WINS Best Student Produced Film at the Naperville Independent Film Festival.

Accepting the award from Roger Ebert.


The "SINGLE GIRLS" music video for Laura Jansen is the "Must C" video of the week on MTV Holland.

Borderless is also playing in November at Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona (Barcelona, Spain)